Omnichain Restaking Protocol

Open Market for Decentralized Trust

Exocore aggregates the decentralized security of blockchains and extends it to any network, starting with web3 middleware.


Decentralization FTW


More rewards.
No extra cost.

Restake your tokens across multiple chains for more rewards at no additional capital cost.


Chain agnostic.
Extended security.

Extend your validation services across multiple chains to secure actively validated services (AVS).


Decentralized security. In a few clicks.

Bootstrap your decentralized security infrastructure across multiple chains in a few clicks.


Trust is Built to Be Used


A novel recursive bootstrapping technique to launch the network while dogfooding the design. Read more.

Union Restaking

Actively validated services (AVS) form a union and share decentralized security by restaking to each other. Read more.

Omni Restaking

Restake on multiple chains with multiple tokens across multiple networks. Read more.

Extend decentralized trust everywhere.